Dassenheuwel Farm Stay

Country Accommodation close to Malmesbury
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About Dassenheuwel Farm Stay

Come and enjoy the tranquil surroundings in this age old homestead on a working wheat, cattle and sheep farm. Experience the warm hospitality of your hosts, Kobus and Lida Lesch, and have a walk up the Porceleinberg mountain, overlooking the Berg River and Riebeek Valley. We’ve restored these old houses for you to refresh and revive your soul surrounded by the beauty and sounds of nature….. Mountain bikes welcome. Dassenheuwel is the ideal spot for bird lovers - we have over 120 species in our area!

The Farm Stay Self-Catering house and cottages are situated 18km from Malmesbury on the R45 towards Paarl (please note: 12km’s out of Malmesbury, then a short gravel road of 6,5km). It is only 20-30 minutes' drive from the beautiful Riebeek Valley, Malmesbury, Wellington and Paarl. We are also a mere hours’ drive from Cape Town.  Visit all the wine farms, Olive boutiques, or stay over after a wedding/festival in the valley. Or better yet, just stay where you are, and enjoy the quiet and tranquil surroundings on the farm, a real hide away from all the hustle and bustle...

The Farm Stay Self Catering House is just below the original Homestead, but completely private with its own entrance and huge private garden with braai-area. New on the farm is a camp with  game like Zebra, Springbuck, and deer  in front of the Farm Stay.   The 2 cottages are next to each other and share the outdoor braai-area. The cottages are on the other side of the homestead... Contact Lida at 0828969124 for reservations, or email info@dassenheuwel.co.za

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Things to Do

Things to do in the area:

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Rates for  2020/21 :

  1. Farm Stay Guest House's Rates: Weekday rates: R1450 per night (Monday to Thursday) and R1600 per night on weekends (Friday and Saturday  nights)
  2. Farm Stay house: Sleeps max 5. 
  3. 2 Cottages: Sleeps max 2 each, rates are: R990 per night per cottage.- Families with children must make an enquiry to stay in the Farm Stay. 
  4. Please note: Cancellation policy applicable. 
  5. A 50% deposit is required within 48 hours after enquiry to secure the booking. The bookings remain available until proof of payment received.. 
  6. The outstanding 50% is payable by EFT 24 hours on/before arrival, or if you have a smartphone, you can pay via SNAPSCAN. We now have credit card facilities (Visa and Mastercard only).
  7. If booking is for one night only, a 100% deposit is payable within 48 hours to secure the booking.
  8. The deposit of a cancellation within 14 days of arrival or no-show is non-refundable. 
  9. Only 50% of a deposit (25% of total amount) is refundable upon cancellation between 14 - 21 days prior to arrival. 
  10. 90% of deposit is refundable upon cancellation more than 21days prior to arrival. (10% admin/banking fees applicable)
  11. Firewood is available @ R40/basket. Please leave the correct amount in the container provided. 



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Dit is 'n ongelooflike rustige omgewing. Die vars plaasbrood en vriendelike eienaar is 'n treffer. Eenheid is baie netjies en goed ingerig. Sal beslis weer kom.



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Contact Us

First choice: Follow Google Maps: Dassenheuwel Farm Stay or Dassenheuwel Cottages. 

GPS Co-ordinates: "S -33 degrees 27' 54.1, E 018 degrees 52' 13.9" (the GPS takes you on other farm roads - and our farm is not accessable via other farms - make sure to take the KLIPFONTEIN turn-off from the R45)  You will have access through our farm gate when finalising the booking. 

From Malmesbury on the R45 towards Paarl:
12 km’s on the R45 , turn left on the Klipfontein turnoff, follow directions for 6.5km.

From Paarl on the R45 towards Malmesbury:
At the four way stop at Florida farm Stall, drive a further 20.5km, turn right at the Klipfontein turnoff, follow the directions for 6.5km.

From Stellenbosch on the R44 towards Wellington:
At the four way stop at Florida farm stall, turn left on the R45 towards Malmesbury, drive a further 20.5km, turn right at the Klipfontein turnoff, follow directions for 6.5km.

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Bird recorded in the Dassenheuwel Pentad
* endemic to southern African region
Apalis, Bar-throated Bandkeelkleinjantjie Apalis thoracica 
Bishop, Southern Red Rooivink  Euplectes orix 
Bishop, Yellow Kaapse Flap  Euplectes capensis 
Bokmakierie Bokmakierie  Telophorus zeylonus 
Bulbul, Cape Kaapse Tiptol  Pycnonotus capensis 
Bunting, Cape Rooivlerkstreepkoppie  Emberiza capensis 
Buzzard, Jackal Rooiborsjakkalsvoël  Buteo rufofuscus 
Buzzard, Steppe Bruinjakkalsvoël  Buteo vulpinus 
Canary, Cape Kaapse Kanarie  Serinus canicollis 
Canary, Yellow Geelkanarie  Crithagra flaviventris 
Chat, Familiar Gewone Spekvreter  Cercomela familiaris 
Cisticola, Cloud Gevlekte Klopkloppie  Cisticola textrix 
Cisticola, Grey-backed Grysrugtinktinkie  Cisticola subruficapilla 
Cisticola, Levaillant's Vleitinktinkie  Cisticola tinniens 
Cisticola, Zitting Landeryklopkloppie  Cisticola juncidis 
Coot, Red-knobbed Bleshoender  Fulica cristata 
Cormorant, Reed Rietduiker  Phalacrocorax africanus 
Cormorant, White-breasted Witborsduiker  Phalacrocorax carbo 
Crane, Blue Bloukraanvoël  Anthropoides paradiseus 
Crow, Pied Witborskraai  Corvus albus 
Cuckoo, Red-chested Piet-my-vrou  Cuculus solitarius 
Darter, African Slanghalsvoël  Anhinga rufa 
Dove, Laughing Rooiborsduifie  Streptopelia senegalensis 
Dove, Namaqua Namakwaduifie  Oena capensis 
Dove, Red-eyed Grootringduif  Streptopelia semitorquata 
Dove, Rock Tuinduif  Columba livia 
Duck, Yellow-billed Geelbekeend  Anas undulata 
Eagle, Booted Dwergarend  Aquila pennatus 
Eagle, Verreaux's Witkruisarend  Aquila verreauxii 
Egret, Cattle Veereier  Bubulcus ibis 
Falcon, Lanner Edelvalk  Falco biarmicus 
Fiscal, Common Fiskaallaksman  Lanius collaris 
Fish-Eagle, African Visarend  Haliaeetus vocifer 
Flycatcher, Fairy Feevlieëvanger Stenostira scita 
Flycatcher, Fiscal Fiskaalvlieëvanger  Sigelus silens 
Francolin, Grey-winged Bergpatrys Scleroptila africanus 
Goose, Egyptian Kolgans  Alopochen aegyptiacus 
Goose, Spur-winged Wildemakou  Plectropterus gambensis 
Grassbird, Cape Grasvoël Sphenoeacus afer 
Grebe, Little Kleindobbertjie  Tachybaptus ruficollis 
Greenshank, Common Groenpootruiter  Tringa nebularia 
Guineafowl, Helmeted Gewone Tarentaal  Numida meleagris 
Heron, Black-headed Swartkopreier  Ardea melanocephala 
Heron, Grey Bloureier  Ardea cinerea 
Ibis, African Sacred Skoorsteenveër  Threskiornis aethiopicus 
Ibis, Hadeda Hadeda  Bostrychia hagedash 
Kestrel, Rock Kransvalk  Falco rupicolus 
Kite, Black-shouldered Blouvalk  Elanus caeruleus 
Kite, Yellow-billed Geelbekwou  Milvus aegyptius 
Lapwing, Blacksmith Bontkiewiet  Vanellus armatus 
Lapwing, Crowned Kroonkiewiet  Vanellus coronatus 
Lark, Large-billed Dikbeklewerik  Galerida magnirostris 
Lark, Red-capped Rooikoplewerik  Calandrella cinerea 
Longclaw, Cape Oranjekeelkalkoentjie  Macronyx capensis 
Martin, Banded Gebande Oewerswael  Riparia cincta 
Martin, Brown-throated Afrikaanse Oewerswael  Riparia paludicola 
Martin, Rock Kransswael  Hirundo fuligula 
Masked-Weaver, Southern Swartkeelgeelvink  Ploceus velatus 
Mousebird, White-backed Witkruismuisvoël  Colius colius 
Neddicky Neddikkie Cisticola fulvicapilla 
Pigeon, Speckled Kransduif  Columba guinea 
Pipit, African Gewone Koester  Anthus cinnamomeus 
Pipit, Long-billed Nicholsonse Koester Anthus similis 
Plover, Kittlitz's Geelborsstrandkiewiet  Charadrius pecuarius 
Plover, Three-banded Driebandstrandkiewiet  Charadrius tricollaris 
Prinia, Karoo Karoolangstertjie  Prinia maculosa 
Raven, White-necked Withalskraai  Corvus albicollis 
Robin-Chat, Cape Gewone Janfrederik  Cossypha caffra 
Rock-Thrush, Cape Kaapse Kliplyster Monticola rupestris 
Scrub-Robin, Karoo Slangverklikker  Cercotrichas coryphoeus 
Seedeater, Streaky-headed Streepkopkanarie  Crithagra gularis 
Shelduck, South African Kopereend  Tadorna cana 
Sparrow, Cape Gewone Mossie  Passer melanurus 
Sparrow, House Huismossie  Passer domesticus 
Sparrowhawk, Black Swartsperwer Accipiter melanoleucus 
Sparrowlark, Grey-backed Grysruglewerik  Eremopterix verticalis 
Spurfowl, Cape Kaapse Fisant  Pternistis capensis 
Starling, Common Europese Spreeu  Sturnus vulgaris 
Starling, Pied Witgatspreeu  Spreo bicolor 
Starling, Wattled Lelspreeu  Creatophora cinerea 
Stilt, Black-winged Rooipootelsie  Himantopus himantopus 
Stonechat, African Gewone Bontrokkie  Saxicola torquatus 
Sunbird, Malachite Jangroentjie  Nectarinia famosa 
Sunbird, Southern Double-collared Klein-rooibandsuikerbekkie  Cinnyris chalybeus 
Swallow, Barn Europese Swael  Hirundo rustica 
Swallow, Greater Striped Grootstreepswael  Hirundo cucullata 
Swallow, White-throated Witkeelswael  Hirundo albigularis 
Swift, Alpine Witpenswindswael  Tachymarptis melba 
Swift, Little Kleinwindswael  Apus affinis 
Swift, White-rumped Witkruiswindswael  Apus caffer 
Teal, Red-billed Rooibekeend  Anas erythrorhyncha 
Tern, White-winged Witvlerksterretjie  Chlidonias leucopterus 
Thrush, Olive Olyflyster  Turdus olivaceus 
Tit-Babbler, Chestnut-vented Bosveldtjeriktik Parisoma subcaeruleum 
Turtle-Dove, Cape Gewone Tortelduif  Streptopelia capicola 
Wagtail, Cape Gewone Kwikkie  Motacilla capensis 
Weaver, Cape Kaapse Wewer  Ploceus capensis 
Wheatear, Capped Hoëveldskaapwagter  Oenanthe pileata 
Wheatear, Mountain Bergwagter  Oenanthe monticola 
White-eye, Cape Kaapse Glasogie  Zosterops virens 
Whydah, Pin-tailed Koningrooibekkie  Vidua macroura 
101 species 25 endemics 30 April 2013
Compiled by Tygerberg Bird Club from SABAP2 database
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